Oil Heating  Repair and Maintenance in Quincy, MA

oil heating repair and maintenance. It’s no laughing matter when your oil furnace breaks down in the middle of winter. However, the reality is that at one point or another your furnace will require some level of repair or maintenance. Don’t get caught in the cold. Trust the professional team at Alpha Omega Plumbing and Heating, instead. We provide oil furnace repair and maintenance work for your oil furnace when you need it the most.

Common Oil Boiler or Furnace Problems


No one wants to experience problems with their furnace, especially in the dead of winter. This is why it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the common problems associated with oil burners. So even if you are not a do it yourself, you’ll at least be in a position to explain the problem to your furnace repair technician.

Here are some of the more common oil-fired furnace issues:

  • The Boiler or Furnace Refuses to Start – There are several reasons that your furnace may not start, but chief among them is that the unit may be out of fuel or there is a shortage of electrical power to the furnace.
  • The Boiler or Furnace is On, but Won’t Produce a Fire – This common problem is often caused by a lack of fuel. It can also occur if the fuel line is blocked.
  • The Boiler or Furnace is Smoking – Smoky furnaces can also present with odor and fumes. But whatever the case, it’s best to turn it off and call an experienced oil furnace technician immediately.

Whichever issue you’re facing, Alpha Omega Plumbing and Heating provides the best oil furnace repair and maintenance in Quincy, Ma.

Preventative Maintenance Tips


As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So let’s look at a few easy to use furnace maintenance tips, as they can help keep your unit in good working order. That said, please note that some of these tips should be implemented before the winter season to avoid any possible issues when you need your furnace the most.

  • Check for Leaks – You want to diligently check to see if there is any leaking coming from the unit. If there is a leak, you’ll see signs of dripping or oil. If a leak is present, call us immediately.
  • Test It During the Fall – Turn on your boiler or furnace in the fall to see how it is operating. Address any odd sounds, smoke, or other problems.
  • Keep it Lubricated – Your furnace’s motor components require periodic lubrication. This should be done at the beginning and middle of winter. Do not put off this important maintenance step.
  • Check Your Wiring Regularly – Take the time to look at the visible wiring on your furnace unit to identify any loose components, cracks, or evidence of burning. If what you see causes concern, just call the professional team at Alpha Omega Plumbing and Heating.

Oil Boiler or Furnace Repair Services

A broken oil burner is not always a signal that you need a new one. In fact, if your furnace is under ten years old and you are experiencing the following problems, there is a high chance that the unit can be repaired.

  • The boiler or furnace will not turn on
  • You notice significant and unexplained changes in your utility bills
  • There is a lot of noise or the boiler or furnace makes unusual sounds
  • The furnace is producing fumes, smoke or odor.


We know how important your boiler or furnace is to you, especially during the cold months. Our team is always ready to offer the best oil boiler or furnace repair services in Quincy, MA. At Alpha Omega Plumbing and Heating, we are committed to getting you warm and cozy in the shortest possible time.

Oil Furnace Maintenance Services in Quincy

Your furnace is just like your car; it needs regular maintenance to ensure efficient operation. But don’t wait until there is a problem. Instead, you should schedule maintenance checks for your furnace throughout the year. Alpha Omega Plumbing and Heating provides a comprehensive suite of oil furnace maintenance services in Quincy, MA.

Are you having problems with your oil furnace? Call us today and we will send one of our experienced technicians to address your oil furnace maintenance or repair issues.